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The pictorial artist

Nils-Aslak Valkeapää was known as a multimedia artist – that is, one who expressed himself through several art forms. He used to say that it was impossible for him to decide what form of expression came to him first; poetry, yoik, or illustration. Valkeapää had separate exhibitions of his art, both in Japan and China. His paintings often took their point of departure in Sámi mythological figures, while the pencil drawings/sketches often had birds, people and reindeer as motifs. Valkeapää was an outstanding photographer too, something reflected in several of his book publications.

(Harald Gaski 2014)


by Ingunn Utsi (2013)

Through your art you will always be close to us

With your own words, Áilu I begin my opening remarks

I travel now
in order to come
I go far
in order to be near

Les mer...
Reindeer utsnitt_150x195

by Harald Gaski (2014)

Valkeapää's multimedia reindeer herd

In this section I wish to demonstrate how poem no. 272 in The Sun, My Father functions intra-textually with Valkeapää’s reindeer herd metaphorics.