The question of rights to literature may be divided as follows:

  • Non-profit rights belong to the author and are divided into the right to name and right to respect.
  • Publishing rights basically give the publisher the exclusive right to print and publish the work.
  • If a poem is translated, the translator has the rights to the translated text.

Enquiries about literature are generally sent to the publisher DAT AS. The Lásságámmi Foundation and DAT AS have ongoing contact about this type of enquiry, and this dialogue also involves eventual translators.


The question of rights to music may be divided as follows:

  • Copyright is usually shared between the composer, lyricist and arranger.
  • Mechanical rights belong to the entity that releases the recording, most often the record company.

If the enquiry concerns a new recording by a new artist, permission must be obtained from the creators, most often the composer and/or lyricist. If the original musical arrangement is also to be used, then the arranger must be approached in addition.

Use of existing recordings, e.g. copying or sampling, is decided by the record company.

Once permission is granted, use of the musical work must be reported to NcB at TONO (Norway), TEOSTO (Finland) or STIM (Sweden).

Visual art and photographs

Should you wish to print images from Valkeapää’s artwork, photographs, etc. this must be clarified beforehand with the Lásságámmi Foundation. When publishing images, credit must also be given to the photographer if the original is photographed.

Contact information

The Lásságámmi Foundation: maria.figenschau@storfjord.kommune.no

DAT AS: dat@dat.net