Raisa Porsanger is a Northern Sami artist and works with themes such as Sami identity and culture through various forms of expression, mainly installation, video art, photography and illustration. 

Porsanger uses materials from Sami culture in installations, including reindeer skin and tanned leather, both in the traditional way and experiments with treating it with dyeing and letting the material shape itself. 

Porsanger will spend two weeks in the residence, where she will work on two main projects: 

- I will create new artworks for upcoming exhibitions, including at Riddu Riđđu this summer. I will also continue on the duodji frame project, where I decorate picture frames with sisti, coloured duolji and láđđi. 

Porsanger will also use the time in Nord-Troms to get to know the local art of Manndalsgrener better. 

- I will learn more about Manndalsgrener, in connection with my curatorship of an exhibition at the Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo in June. The exhibition examines Sami presence in the history of the Artists' Association, which goes back to 1910, where, among other things, There have been exhibitions about John Savio (1902-38) and Manndalsgrener, says the artist, and concludes with: 

- I hope the stay in Lásságámmi provides both peace and inspiration for the projects.