Katrine Rugeldal

Katrine comes from Fosen and is a doctoral student at UiT, Norway's Arctic University in Tromsø.

She works at the intersection between art history and Sami cultural studies, where one of the fields of interest is artistic, architectural and museological practices, which in various ways speak of the need for a Sami Art Museum.

Katrine is also involved in the collaborative project Kárten: Arkitekturvra Sámis / Mapping: Architecture in Sápmi, which is part of Girjegumpi, Sámi Architecture Library.


Hilde Sørstrøm

Hilde is from Myre in Vesterålen and is a trained art historian and preventive conservator.

She currently works from Tromsø where she is a writer and editor for the magazine Kunsthåndverk and Hakapik.no.

In her work, Hilde is particularly interested in exploring art production, and art history, associated with Northern Norway and Sápmi.

This is what they say about their upcoming stay in Lásságámmi:

During the stay, we will write, discuss and think about topics that deal with Sami architecture and contemporary art.

New themed issues will be developed for Handicrafts and PhD articles. We are also both members of the research group WONA (Worlding Northern Art) at UiT, and during the time we are there will hold an internal seminar for the members.

We are very happy to be able to do all this in a place like Lásságámmi and in the presence of Nils-Aslak Valkeapää – Áillohaš' legacy.