Kramvig current area of interest are on the entanglement between indigenous Arctic peoples ontologies, politics, business and multiple ways of knowing. Another major interest is the specificity of Sàmi creativity, tourism and innovation policy where she also have served as an advisor through position in multiple business initiatives, boards and programs. She have research and publishes on the assemblages of creativity, art, science and innovation as part of sustainability in contemporary communities. Her current research projects encompass the ongoing politic and practice of reconciliation in Arctic Communities, imaginaries of Arctic futures, and the material turn in social science. Kramvig regularly contribute to the public debate in national and regional newspapers, through film documentary projects for TV & festivals and as an active participator in many art/science projects; among the latest, OKTA, Dark Ecology and BAT (Bridging Art and Text).

In 2015- 2016 she was fellow at CAS (Centre for Advanced Studies) on the project “Domestication in Era of the Anthropocene in the Arctic” lead by Prof. M. Lien (UiO). From 2013-2016 Kramvig was Norwegian PI on the HERA-project: Arctic Encounters: Contemporary Travel/Writing in the European High North. During the period of 2016-2020, Kramvig is a research partner at the Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities lead by Prof. Sverker Sörlin from KTH, Sweden and a member in the Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar research.

- During my weeks at Lásságámmi I want to engage with the work done by Nils-Aslak Valkeapää and how this can inform a respectful research and writing on Sàmi secret places, and Sàmi artistic intervention in land and landscape. How are we to think about the past, and how are we to think about the stories from the past as guidelines for the future of Sàpmi?