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Beaska Niillas

Beaska Niillas, from Deatnu in Sápmi is among other things a father of two, traditional sámi handicraft artist, hunter, gatherer, activist and politician. 

Foto: Carl-Johan Utsi
Foto: Carl-Johan Utsi

The nature has been in the center of his life since his childhood. When he grew up the land was his playing field and also his friend. He has done a lot of different things in his life but the only formal education he has gotten is a certificate of apprenticeship in duodji. Some time he also worked as an actor in both Beaivváš Sámi national theatre and Giron Sámi theatre. After that he was a teacher and then went on to work as a fisherman. But the last ten or so years he has been part of the Sámi politics and also defended land and waters in Sápmi and beyond as an activist. 

"Many years I have thought, written for my self and spoken with people from all around the world about Indigenous Issues, ways of life and need for self-determination. In Lásságámmi I want to try to gather and structure both my thoughts and writings. And who knows, this could even turn out to be the start of a book or something. I believe that Lásságámmi might provide the peace necessary to dive in to the lake of thoughts. But one can only wait to see"