Eva Maria Fjellheim is a south Sámi researcher/writer, indigenous rights defender and radio documentary producer. She has a diverse background working with Sámi and indigenous issues through solidarity work, politics, journalism, art projects and research in Saepmie and abroad, especially in Latin-Amerika.

Since 2018 she holds a Ph.D position at the Centre for Sámi Studies at UiT, the Arctic University of Norway. In her doctoral project, she explores the conflicts which arise when climate change politics and mitigation measures compromise indigenous peoples’ rights to lands, ancestral livelihoods and well-being. Her empirical focus is the expansion of the wind power industry on southern Sámi reindeer herding lands, but she also draws on experiences of similar struggles on Mayan lands in Guatemala. At Lásságámmi, she will focus on writing one of the articles of her dissertation.   

- Áillohaš is one of our greatest pathfinders, and it is an honor to work and stay at one of his homes. I am looking forward to dive into the unique universe of Lásságámmi, to find inspiration through its natural surroundings, and the history and knowledges embedded in its walls.